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We're on a long break and will not be roasting from now until June 1.
If you place an order before June 1 you may not get it until after the first week in June, Aloha

Gus & Cynthia Brocksen - founders 1989

Serving Up Excellence from both................
Certified Organic 100% Kona Coffee and Traditional 100% Kona Coffee
............One Estate at a Time

Welcome to our unique online store. We offer a one-stop-shopping experience so you can enjoy and compare Kona coffees grown at several individual estates, centrally processed and roasted on the same day we ship. Our growers share our passion for nurturing their trees and for picking cherries only when they are plump, red and sweet. We buy cherry, not dried parchment or green, so we can see how the cherries were picked. If the fruit meets our standards we pulp the seeds out right away, soak them for exactly 18 hours, then rake the wet parchment out on our full-sun deck until it is 90% dry. We never mix estates, so what you get is Estate Kona Coffee straight up, fresh roasted and consistent each time you order.

We are Passionate about Perfection. Pick an estate and taste the difference.
........Gus and Cynthia Brocksen, Owners and Founders 1989.

Organic & Traditional Estates - Peaberry, Roasted & Green, Chocolates, Gift Baskets, and Burlap Bags

Kona Peaberry Kona Macadamia Nuts
Extra Fancy Kona Coffee Kona Green Beans

We offer 100% Kona Coffee from six different estates located within the Kona Coffee Belt, on the Big Island's western shore. Throughout growing, processing, and roasting, the beans from each estate are never mixed with others. While shopping with us, you can choose which estate(s) and which roast(s) you prefer and whole bean vs. ground. You'll also find Kona Peaberry, and Green Kona Coffee. Add chocolates & mac nuts, to compliment th Kona Coffee.

Kona Coffee Gifts

Are you shopping for the perfect Kona Coffee gift? We'll pack your selection in the wrapping of your choice and send it off to your recipient with your message inside our gift card. Wrappings include Logo Burlap Bags and Lauhala Baskets with a variety of trims including 'Cream & Sugar' or 'Hula Girl' tied into a teal ribbon. Lauhala baskets are woven from the fronds of the Pandanus palm native to tropical islands.

hula girl basket
cream and sugar gift basket
bulap bags

Kona Macadamia Nuts - Salted or Chocolate Covered
Kona Peaberry Coffee Beans - Chocolate Covered

Kona Macadamia Nuts Our Macadamia Nuts are grown on the east side of the Big Island in the Hamakua District. The fresh mac nuts are roasted & salted, or coated layer by layer by Tropical Temptations in Captain Cook. The Peaberries, a special slice of the Kona coffee crop, are grown, dark roasted, and chocolate covered with decadent semi-sweet Guittard Chocolate.

Guittard Chocolate Company

gift card Along with each gift order we enclose a complimentary 'Kona Coffee' gift card with your order. On the front, there's a beautiful photo of freshly picked coffee cherries. On the back is the story of Kona coffee. To add this card, enter your sentiment in the 'special instructions/comments' box at the very end of checkout section.

2009 finalist awards When it comes to finding the best Kona Coffee, it's not necessary to guess. Just choose Kona coffee grown on an estate that has won prizes at the annual Coffee Cupping Contest is held in November. The Judges invite growers of single estate Kona Coffee to enter. Usually there are 55 - 60 estates who compete. Over the last 15 years, Pele Plantantions' family of estates have scored 1st place 4 times, 3rd Place 4 times and finalist (top 15 estates in the contest) over 15 times.

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