We have Organic Peaberry!

We have obtained a limited supply of single-origin 100% Organic Kona Peaberry, the rarest and most coveted coffee in Kona. Buy Now.


Kilohana Sale!

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Kona Peaberry: Monthly

Kona Peaberry: Monthly
Kona Peaberry: Monthly

True Kona coffee lovers never want to run out of their favorite roast!

With a Pele Plantations subscription, you'll enjoy the freshest 100% Kona Peaberry every single month. Choose your favorite roast, and we'll deliver right to your doorstep. As a subscriber, you'll enjoy 10% off our regular coffee prices on your subscription, and any time you order.

We ship freshly roasted whole beans for optimal flavor and freshness.

Subscription Schedule

Regardless of when you sign up, your first order will not be processed until the 20th. You will receive your first coffee shipment on the first day of the next month and each subsequent subscription month. Your subscription will continue until you pause or cancel.

If you don't want to wait that long to try our coffee, you may add individual products to your shopping cart. Those items will be roasted and shipped right away while you wait for your subscription to begin.


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