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Kīwini Private Reserve

100% Organic Kona Coffee (certified organic by ICS)
Kīwini Private Reserve
100% Organic Kona Coffee (certified organic by ICS)
Kīwini Private Reserve

KĪWINI (pronounced kee-vee-nee) means bold, in Hawaiian, and can also mean brazen and fearless. Our Kīwini Private Reserve is named for its bold Kona flavor, which makes it a favorite of Kona coffee connoisseurs. It comes from a high-elevation organic farm that uses all-natural fertilizers and processes, ensuring that this coffee is both healthful and delicious.

We are lucky to have a limited supply of Kīwini Private Reserve this season, and hope you'll try it while our supply lasts.

We ship freshly roasted whole beans for optimal flavor and freshness.

Kīwini is offered in our Pele roast.

"Spiciness, dark chocolate, and creaminess might be found in this coffee, which features a smooth bouquet of flavors. It jumps with flavor, leaving an inquiring caramel aftertaste with full bodied hints of fruit."


Coffee Origin

- Coffee Farm in Kona, Hawai‘i -


This South Kona farm was planted in 1999, making it a relative newcomer to the region. It produced a superior coffee bean right from the original harvest, thanks to the perfect combination of volcanic soil, sunshine, rainfall and temperature. The owners are passionate about organically growing, harvesting, and processing their beans, enhancing what nature bestowed up on them to create a unique, high-quality coffee.

Elevation: 2000 ft
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