Enjoy Kona's Highest-Quality Coffee

Pele Plantations is a small family business dedicated to producing the highest quality single-origin 100% Kona coffee.

We take great care to ensure that you get the best cup of coffee Kona has to offer.

We start by sourcing our beans from a select group of Kona farmers we know personally – particularly organic farmers – who share our passion for excellence, as well as our respect and affection for the land of Pele and the extraordinary coffee it produces. From the day of harvest until the day we ship your coffee, we maintain the highest standards of quality and freshness. 

Every coffee order gets our careful attention. We freshly roast every order just prior to shipping, tailoring our roast to enhance the unique character of beans from each individual estate. 

We use FedEx 2-Day Air to ensure you receive the freshest coffee possible. We can’t wait for you to try it.

Pele Plantations Coffee Farm

Organic Kona Coffee

The farms who supply us with organic coffee meet rigorous requirements and produce unbelievably good coffee. If our coffee says Organic, it’s USDA certified 100% Organic Kona Coffee.

Freshly Roasted

Every coffee order is custom roasted and shipped fresh from our roastery in Seattle. Small batch roasting ensures that we give the right attention to every single bean that passes through our roaster. You can taste the difference!

Join Our Coffee Club

It’s not just a monthly subscription. Our members enjoy personalized concierge-style service, a discounted rate on all of our coffee, and exclusive access to special reserve and low-inventory products.

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