Pure Kona, Kona Organic & Peaberry

100% Kona Coffee, 100% Organic Kona, and Kona Peaberry

At Pele Plantations, we only offer 100% Kona Coffee. There is no blending done here. Just artisinal, small-batch roasting of single-estate pure Kona Coffee. Each coffee product represents a different local farm with its own flavor profile. Our coffees fall into three categories (all delicious): Non-organic, Organic, and Peaberry.

100% Kona Coffee (Non-Organic)

Each coffee we offer is grown by a Kona farmer whose values match ours, and whose coffee plants are given the careful and loving attention they deserve. While these farms are not certified organic, we only buy coffee from farms that treat their crops very gently (ie, no toxic chemicals). We never mix our 100% Kona Coffee with anything else. When you order coffee from a specific estate (such as Ikehu), that’s all you get. It’s 100% delicious and consistent every time you order.

100% Organic Kona Coffee

If you think Kona Coffee is good….wait until you try organic! It is unbelievably good – rich, smooth, and delicious. All of our organic coffee goes through a completely chemical- and pesticide-free process, meeting rigorous requirements at every step. The result is the best coffee we’ve ever tasted.

All of our organic coffee is Certified Organic by Where Food Comes From Organic.

100% Kona Peaberry

The technical name for Kona Peaberry is caracol, or “snail” in Spanish. Here in Hawaii it’s known as the “champagne” of Kona Coffee. It’s actually a mutation of a Kona coffee bean that occurs while it is still in its cherry form. Instead of growing in a pair of flat-sided beans, only one egg-shaped bean matures. Peaberry is rare, since it represents less than 5% of the entire crop.

There’s a limited supply of Kona Peaberry each season, and it can be hard to find. But we take it a step further, and only sell Peaberry that comes from the farms we know well. We buy only the highest-quality Kona Peaberry… and we keep the beans from different farms separate. This allows us to offer single-origin Kona Peaberry to our discerning customers.

Kona Peaberry fans love that it packs a delicate flavor and fruity finish that is like nothing else. We offer 100% Kona Peaberry whenever we can. It’s always a coveted product in short supply.