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At Pele Plantations, we only offer 100% Kona Coffee. There is no blending done here. Just artisanal, small-batch roasting of single-estate pure Kona Coffee. Each coffee product represents a different local farm with its own flavor profile. Our coffees fall into three categories of 100% Kona Coffee (all delicious): non-organic, organic, and Peaberry.

  • Chocolate Covered Kona Macadamia Nuts
  • Chocolate Covered Kona Coffee Beans
  • Best of Kona
  • Kona Coffee Nut Gift Package
  • Kona Coffee Duet
  • Goddess T-Shirt
  • Organic Coffee Trio
  • Out of stock
    Set of Four Mini Gift Bags: Peaberry
  • Pele Plantations Thermal Bottle