About Pele Plantation

About Pele Plantations

- organic farm and coffee roasters -

Pele Plantations is a family business located in Honaunau, in the South Kona region of the Big Island. We live, work, and drink Kona coffee – all day, every day.

On our own farm, we grow delicious, certified organic Laule‘a coffee. We also obtain coffee from several other carefully selected Kona estates.

Freshness is paramount for us. As soon as the cherry is picked from our estate or any of the others, the seeds are pulped, soaked and sun dried. Then we store the parchment, milling it in small batches when we need it. When we receive your order, we take out some freshly milled green beans, freshly roast them right here at the farm, and ship them the same day. That’s why the quality and freshness – and the taste – of our 100% Kona Coffee and 100% Organic Kona Coffee is unsurpassed.

We love bringing the best of Kona to our customers. Taste it for yourself… and treat yourself to a cup of the freshest, most delicious coffee on the planet.

Warm aloha,
Melanie, Vikram and Ari