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Best of Kona


One Pound Peaberry + One Pound Extra Fancy Organic


This deluxe package features the most sought-after coffee in Kona: one pound of single-estate Kona Peaberry, and one pound of Extra Fancy Organic Kīwini. We use our signature Pele roast to bring out the mellow, rich flavor that is distinctive to Kona coffee.

We ship freshly roasted whole beans for optimal flavor and freshness.

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Coffee Origin

Coffee Farm in Kona, Hawai‘i


Peaberry – 100% Kona Coffee

Peaberry is known as the “Champagne of Kona Coffee.” That’s because on any given coffee tree, only 3% to 4% of the cherries contain a single, small Peaberry bean, while the rest of the cherries contain two flat beans. Experts think the flavor of Peaberry is more intense because it is concentrated in a smaller bean.


Kilohana – Extra Fancy 100% Organic

The Kilohana plantation is situated on the gentle upland slopes overlooking the Kona coast, just 10 minutes from Kailua-Kona. They are committed to using only organic farming methods, returning all by-products of the milling process to nourish the soil. The Extra Fancy organic coffee from this farm is the very best that Kona produces.


Kīwini – Extra Fancy 100% Organic

This South Kona farm was planted in 1999, making it a relative newcomer to the region. It produced a superior coffee bean right from the original harvest, thanks to the perfect combination of volcanic soil, sunshine, rainfall and temperature. The owners are passionate about organically growing, harvesting, and processing their beans, enhancing what nature bestowed up on them to create a unique, high-quality coffee.