Kona Peaberry


Kona Peaberry is our most popular coffee. Our long-time Peaberry customers won’t drink anything else! No other coffee tastes quite like it, with its smooth start and fruity finish.

There’s a limited supply of Kona Peaberry each season, and it can be hard to find. But we take it a step further, and only sell Peaberry that comes from the farms we know well. We buy only the highest-quality Kona Peaberry… and we keep the beans from different farms separate. This allows us to offer single-origin Kona Peaberry to our discerning customers.

We ship freshly roasted whole beans for optimal flavor and freshness.

Five pound orders may be shipped as one bulk bag or five one pound bags, depending on availability.


The farm that supplies our Kona Peaberry won first place in the Kona Crown Division again this year, for the fourth time! We are so proud to be the exclusive local distributor of their coffee.


“Peaberry is known as the “Champagne of Kona Coffee.” That’s because on any given coffee tree, only 3% to 4% of the cherries contain a single, small Peaberry bean, while the rest of the cherries contain two flat beans. Experts think the flavor of Peaberry is more intense because it is concentrated in a smaller bean.”
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Coffee Farm in Kona, Hawai‘i


This estate was planted several generations ago on about five acres at 2300 feet in North Kona. It’s hard to count the trees because they were planted in the traditional Japanese “Old Hawaiian Style,” which means there is no organized spacing in between. The trees are allowed to grow tall, making it a challenge to pick, but definitely worth it. This beautiful farm gets rain clouds in the afternoon almost every day for that misty view of the coast.

Elevation: 2300 ft