Fourth of July Special: Save 15% on Kona Coffee!

Independence Day is the perfect time to treat yourself to some amazing coffee, and support American farmers at the same time. 
We are offering 15% savings on two of our favorite coffees from small family farms right here in Kona.

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Luana Extra Fancy

100% Kona Coffee
Luana Extra Fancy
100% Kona Coffee
Luana Extra Fancy

LUANA means enjoy. The word symbolizes pleasantness, comfort, and enjoyment, feelings evoked by the beautiful Kona region of Hawai‘i.

We invite you to feel this enjoyment as you sip your morning coffee. This larger Extra Fancy bean provides rich, beautiful Kona flavor we know you'll love.

One pound: $36    

We ship freshly roasted whole beans for optimal flavor and freshness.

“This estate is a classic Kona in the cup. There is a spice toned chocolate, detected in the aroma and in the finish. The body is substantial, and a silky smoothness and a bit of nice acidity can easily be detected.”


Coffee Origin

- Coffee Farm in Kona, Hawai‘i -


This estate was planted several generations ago on about five acres at 2300 feet in North Kona. It’s hard to count the trees because they were planted in the traditional Japanese “Old Hawaiian Style,” which means there is no organized spacing in between. The trees are allowed to grow tall, making it a challenge to pick, but definitely worth it. This beautiful farm gets rain clouds in the afternoon almost every day for that misty view of the coast.

Elevation: 2300 ft
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