Mini Sampler: Kona Peaberry, Uluō and Ikehu
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Mini Sampler: Kona Peaberry, Uluō and Ikehu


Our mini sampler contains three 2-oz bags: Kona Peaberry, Uluō and Ikehu. This mini set is a great way to try coffee from a variety of Kona farms. These bags may be small, but they pack a lot of bold Kona flavor. Each package contains two ounces of 100% Kona Coffee that will be savored by any coffee lover. Each sample is roasted in our signature Pele roast.

We ship freshly roasted whole beans for optimal flavor and freshness.

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Coffee Farm in Kona, Hawai‘i


This farm was planted back in 1999, but really began to live up to its potential when it was taken over in 2006 by its current owners. The exacting work they put in allows them to create a unique, high-quality coffee that exceeds the expectations of coffee connoisseurs everywhere. They are serious about making their coffee and their farm as earth-friendly as possible: they make their own naturally enhanced fertilizer, and use a variety of natural methods for pest and weed control. All coffee by-products are composted and returned to the orchards to build new soil.

Elevation: 2000 ft

This Honaunau estate occupies a valley at 1700 feet that is steep and rocky with pockets of deep, rich soil. In the late 1970s, its current owners came to the Big Island for adventure and surf. The coffee farm was perfect to support their aspirations. It came with 50-year-old coffee stock terraced on one acre around the house; they terraced and planted a second acre. This beautiful estate produces consistently good coffee year after year.

Awards: Third Place winner and two-time Finalist in the Gevalia Cupping Contest

Elevation: 1700 ft

This estate was planted several generations ago on about five acres at 2300 feet in North Kona. It’s hard to count the trees because they were planted in the traditional Japanese “Old Hawaiian Style,” which means there is no organized spacing in between. The trees are allowed to grow tall, making it a challenge to pick, but definitely worth it. This beautiful farm gets rain clouds in the afternoon almost every day for that misty view of the coast.

Elevation: 2300 ft